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Right behind the lab . . .

Literally in the street behind our uber-sophisticated lab, this is happening:

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My New Favourite Guitar Player – Andy McKee

Its hard for me to find inspiration these days, with everything being so busy and all, but this dude is incredible, fuck from a technical aspect; its all about melody and soul in my world.

A Canine Obestity Epidemic

Fat dogI’ve recently started taking Ju Ju Bee (our Australian Cattle Dog) to the dog park near my house.  I’ve noticed that other dogs in this city (aside from being all named Rex and Baccus) are incredibly fat.

I think Vet-Stem, the “international leader in veterinary regenerative medicine”, should really jump on this opportunity and start a New Orleans based clinic for treating doggy diabetes (and we all know they get diabetes, at least when their pancreatic duct is ligated).  Maybe they can base it on the disruption of oxidative phosphorylation or something . . .