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Swimming in New Orleans . . . At Least He Has an Umbrella

I’m in Toronto for the Gairdner Awards. My fiancee is at home panicking because the dog won’t go out to pee or poo in the rain. It’s been raining all day, and much of the city flooded, though not to the level of devastation we are used to. Man I wish I was there! It sucks being away from those two.


A Strange Television Coincidence

Last night on House, they were treating a crippled guy for a nasty mite infection.  He eventually died in the hospital with his guide dog by his side. When House came in to check the dead guy, the dog was dead as well. Turns out they had given the dead guy Ivermectin, but it fell on the ground and the dog ate the drugs.  “White Feet Don’t Treat” they always say. Ivermectin is commonly used in dogs to treat demodex, a nasty parasite that at this moment in time is cause my dog, Ju Ju Bee, to lose her hair on her face.  Some breads of dog have a protein that will carry the drug across the blood-brain barrier. We put Ju Ju Bee on Ivermectin, ramping up her dose each day to make sure her pupils weren’t dilated and she wasn’t going to die. Just yesterday, as she hit pharmacological doses of the drug, she started acting funny. We broke out my Fiance’s Dr. Penlight thing, and her pupils were dilated. We discontinued the drug, then watched House and nearly shat ourselves. What if we hadn’t checked?Demodex

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